Medical Alert Dog on Overtime

  Learning "Pillow"

Service Dog on Overtime
Learning to go and stay in a specific place. The game is all 4 paws in the pillow 1st day. 16 week old male.

Service Dog School is so hard!

 Learning to love the "Basket"

Pine Street Puppy on break
Learning to stay put in the basket. 14 weeks old female

1st day of Service Dog School

When Dogs Fly!

Pine Stgreet Dog First Day of School
World’s First Wingsuit BASE Jumping Dog.
Lovely imagery and great use of the twilight times.

Life & Living With a Service Dog

Service dogs are becoming an important part of society as aides to those with medical disabilities, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), autism, multiple sclerosis, hearing loss, and blindness. In these cases service dogs are assigned to help improve the quality of life of the individual. In this film, {cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2D%20%2Freact-text%20%2D%2D%3EAlex Clarke  follows Chris Slavin and her service dog, Earle, through their daily life. In working with them, he attempted to gain a greater understanding of what it means to live and work with a service dog as well as how the relationship has significantly changed the Chris's life.

Service Dog Helping out

How to Behave at Work

Need Milk?
Pine Street Dog loving being at work

In and Out of the Basket secured to a walker

The is the final result of the training with the dog in the "Learning to Love the Basket. The dog now knows out to get in and out of the basket on her own, helping her owner from having to "grab" her to do so. This helps her owner be independant and self reliant realtive to handlinh her service dog.
This video is intend to memorialize the steps so that the owner can refersh her memory on the step by step process as she struggles with memory.