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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Charlene 11 years old


  1. Is your "house-trained" urinating in the house? what's next...
    21 Aug, 2017
    Is your "house-trained" urinating in the house? what's next...
    Sometimes what seems like a marking issue could have a medical cause. If the dog has been house trained and suddenly starts urinating in the house, your first thought should be bladder infection or “UTI” Urinary Tract Infection. Get the dog checked by a vet as soon as possible. If the Vet gives an all clear then we have to assume that it is a “marking” behavior. Because marking often occurs as a response to a perceived threat, think back to what could have started this, In your case the
  2. 01 Aug, 2017
    Clicker Training - First "Load" the clicker
    Loading the clicker is the first step that we need to take, before getting started. Before we do anything with clicker training exercises, we need to explain to the dog what the clicker is. The way that we do this is called, loading the clicker or loading the marker. First step: We call this the ‘teaching the meaning’ stage. It is a simple procedure. With the use of classical conditioning, you will train your dog for the clicker or marker that you choose. This means that we will pair
  3. Greetings - Practice it when your dog is young
    16 Jun, 2017
    Greetings - Practice it when your dog is young
    Practicing the proper behavior when greeting someone at home or on a walk Find a friend, neighbor or family member to help you in this task Explain the process to your training partner  You are going to be over there and I will ne over here. At the signal we will head over to each other. Stop in front of me while I get the dog to sit. Then we will greet each other with a hand shake or a hug However right now we will practice step one. Put your dog on leash Ask your dog to sit Your helper
  4. 02 Jun, 2017
    Why Dogs Chew and Bite?
    Chewing and biting is simply something dogs do! Chewing and biting is simply something dogs do! We all have had a dog bite up our most loved shoes or table legs. It is absolutely typical of puppy behavior even if it seems strange to us. Here are some of the reasons why canines bite or chew on anything. This should ideally help you comprehend what your pooch is doing a tad bit more. Dogs do not comprehend what everything in your house is for. They experience the world through their mouth much
  5. Service Dogs in the Workplace
    24 May, 2017
    Service Dog in the workplace, what to do about it!
    Employees want to perform at highest possible level. What does it mean for a disabled person ? Employees want to perform at highest possible level and for a disabled employee, this may entail bringing a service animal to work. While Title 1 of the ADA does require an employer to make accommodations for workers who need the assistance of a dog for instance, the true question remains on how broad is the requirement and how much discretion an employer has once a request for an accommodation for a
  6. Pine Street Puppy
    18 May, 2017
    4 Basic Steps to Change an Unwanted Bahavior!
    How to change an unwanted behavior into one you want! 1. Make the desired behavior(s) rewarding for your dog (set it up to incite the behavior) 2. Ensure that he/she is not being rewarded for behaviors you don't want (stay firm) 3. Show him/her that the fastest way to get what he/she wants is by doing what we ask of them (wait until you get the approximate "right" behavior) 4. Enjoy the process - The difference between a good dog and great dog is how well she/she is trained.
  7. Pine Street Dog running
    26 Apr, 2017
    Teaching a Dog to "Come" - Lesson 1
    In order to teach the “come” command you will need the following : A non-retractable leash (8ft preferred) Knowing how and have practice how to click and treat properly A clicker (maybe 2 as you will lose many of those) A treat pouch that allows you to grab a treat quickly Your dog's favorite treats A positive attitude and smile Lesson 1 First let’s discuss “come” a standard recall command versus an emergency recall. Why is an emergency recall positively needed? You are enjoying a nice walk
  8. Choosing the Right Pine Street Dog
    14 Mar, 2017
    How to choose a future service dog:
    When I was actively involved in training Service Dogs I would go to shelters and pick from the 2+ year old dogs because I could immediately see what temperament they had without having to do a whole bunch of testing and what they long term health of the dog would be based on their mix This is by far the right way to pick a service dog. Now you might want to start with a purebred puppy for personal reasons (like allergies) but remember that puppies go through puberty just like children do and
  9. Pine Street Dog at attention
    08 Mar, 2017
    Would I recommend Labradoodles?
    I currently have a 17 year old and a 14 months old Labradoodles. When I was looking for a dog to train as a service dog some time ago I heard of an experiment going on to find out if it would make sense to introduce more Labradoodles to people with disabilities who did not allergies to dogs. Labradoodles have for the most part Poodle hair which is similar to human hair and therefore better for people allergic to fur. At the time these dogs were not yet “popular” but I found a breeder living on